This website is owned by who self-identifies on the internet as Mechamind, a.k.a. the person who is typing out the home page right now. I will be using this website to embed my videos that I upload not only to YouTube, but also if I upload videos to other sites which permit embedding.

As has probably been known about the channel Mechamind90 for a while, it is a Let's Play channel. The channel was originally designed for Mario fan-gaming content, but it later branched out to include many other types of games, and I hope that I am able to influence more development, even if it's only slight. Enjoy.

Due to YouTube's current idea for a channel design, it seems that making a website of your own is becoming more important than ever if you want to be able to customize.

And in 2015, this site is finally redesigned in an effort to match the most recent setting used at Mechamind90 on YouTube before their switch to plain white.

For other content outside of gaming that may interest you, you can also check out Holycow818181's YouTube channel.

(Note: Due to the nature of the hosting, expect a little downtime on occasion, most likely around 7:30 AM Pacific Time. This should generally last less than 10 minutes when it happens.)